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San Mateo County DUI Defense

As one of the best San Mateo County DUI lawyer we handle charges in cities of Burlingame, Belmont, San Mateo, San Bruno, South San Francisco, Daly City and other of the county cities. Please contact us to speak our San Mateo DUI attorney today

Getting a drunk driving ticket can lead to heavy consequences without the professional services of a proficient legal firm in town. Our team offer proven legal skills and counsel in driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs cases.

Consequences And Penalties That San Mateo County DWI/DUI Offenders Are Subject To

We are well aware of the wide range of complex consequences and penalties that can befall a DUI offender which may mar a person’s life forever. Hence, we are available to prevent such adverse consequences through our skilled and experienced legal representation in this area.

  • Our lawyers work diligently to reduce fines and bail requirements

  • We work closely with our defendant client to understand the consequences and penalties that may be imposed by the court or DMV

  • We aim to reduce the amount of drug screenings and alcohol education programs our defendant clients are subject to

  • We also want lighter community services to be imposed on our defendant clients in any DUI charge

We Are Experts

Our team is committed to the welfare and rights of every defendant client from the start to the end. We are professional in our legal services and endeavors to offer a normal lifestyle to our defendant client despite bails, education programs, probation and reporting to the court or DMV.

  • We are obliged to remind our defendant client on scheduled court and DMV hearing

  • We ensure a total compliance of our defendant client to all sentences by the state court

  • We prepare our defendant client properly for any trial or hearing by the court or DMV to ensure a favorable outcome

Guilty Plea For DWI Charges

As an experienced defense team in the county skilled in handling criminal cases, our competent legal professionals would advise on the available plea options in any drunk driving charge. A simple “guilty” plea or no-contest option can lead on to an avalanche of heavy penalties and restrictions that can stifle lifestyle and living. Hence, we are obligated to advice our defendant client properly on the plea with any under the influence charge.

  • A probation sentence is preferred over jail time

  • Protection of rights even during probation

  • A total compliance with all requirements to secure the favor of the probation officer and court

  • Out-of-court negotiations that may be more beneficial for the DUI defendant

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