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Alameda County DUI Defense Lawyer

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An experienced, local, and best Alameda county DUI lawyer can help Livermore, Union City,  Pleasanton, Alameda, Fremont, Berkeley, San Leandro, Hayward and all other cities in this county residents with their drunk driving charges. Please contact an Alameda DUI attorney now for help.

 DUI Lawyer Practice Area

DUI law firms handle driving while under the influence cases such as:

  • Felony DUI
  • Misdemeanor DUI
  • Hit & Run DUI
  • Under Age DUI
  • First Time DUI
  • Multiple DUI
  • Manslaughter DUI

DUI means driving under the influence which may be the influence of alcohol or even drugs. It can also be described by other terms like OWI or operating under the influence or DWI meaning driving under the influence.

When a driver is charged with driving under the influence, a series of procedures and processes would be activated. The local police collaborate with the District Attorney to gather various evidences against the offender that include:

  • BAC results

  • Prepare lab and police reports

  • Record statements from different witnesses

A sharp minded and proficient lawyers would follow on closely to access the relevant reports and information on the driving while intoxicated case to keep track of its progress and potential outcome.

Take Proactive Actions In All Aspects Of Drunk Driving Charges

A long established legal experts, especially, in dealing with DUI/DWI cases, a legal firm takes proactive steps and actions against any drunk driving charges imposed on our client. We would assist the defendant on:

  • Administering their license suspension upon an arrest

  • Understanding the technical aspects of a license suspension or revocation

  • Applying the best approach towards fighting against a license suspension

  • Representing the defendant in court

    Handling Drunk Driving Cases In Full Confidence Despite The Heavy Potential Penalties

A law firm that is dynamic and experienced with a strong team of legal experts specializing in driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs handles such cases successfully. The right law firm is competent in working fast and meticulously to avoid heavy penalties on their clients charged with drunk driving offenses.

Standing Fast With First, Second, Third Or Multiple Drunk Driving Offenders

Great legal firms enjoys a stellar record in successfully representing first or multiple offenders. They offer the best of legal counsel with a clear presentation of plausible outcomes for the different categories of offenders. First offenders may be subject to:

  • BAC testing

  • An immediate arrest

  • Lock up

  • Immediate suspension of driving license

Multiple offenders may be subject to:

  • An immediate suspension or revocation of driving license

  • Higher bail

  • Longer jail time

  • Installation of IID in the offender’s car

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