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Redwood City DUI Defense

You need an experienced Redwood City DUI lawyer when you are arrested for drunk driving. A Redwood City DUI attorney can get your charges dismissed or reduced so call us now. When accused of driving while under the influence you are likely to be charged with separate misdemeanor offenses.

  • Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs under the California Vehicle Code 23152 (a) VC
  • Driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher under California Vehicle code 23152 (b) VC2.

The Arrest

Drunk driving arrests will usually start at a checkpoint or a traffic stop where an officer asks for field sobriety tests and uses a handheld breathalyzer. On failing the tests you will be arrested and a breath or blood test done in a jail, hospital or police station. Refusal to take the chemical test can attract tougher penalties and license suspension.

For misdemeanor driving under the influence arrests, you will be released in a few hours, but you might need to post bail for felony. When you are released, you receive two documents a court appearance citation and pink temporary license to replace your confiscated driver’s license that is mailed to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). It is however only done if you are from within the state.

Upon being arrested, you must contact the DMV within a span of 10 days to schedule a hearing failure to which you forfeit right to a hearing and your license is automatically suspended after 30 days. You can hire a DUI lawyer to handle the scheduling for you so that you get enough time to prepare for the hearing. You get the chance to convince the DMV to not suspend the license during the hearing and after the written findings are mailed out. If they are in your favor then you are safe from license suspension, but they are against you then the license is suspended.

Court Proceedings

You can have a driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs legal expert attend the proceedings on your behalf unless you are up to testify or the case is on trial. The court dates can scatter over a number of months as your attorney puts together evidence, negotiates and runs motions with the prosecutor and the judge until a settlement is reached or a jury trial is scheduled.

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