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Welcome to our Sonoma county DUI lawyer & Santa Rosa DUI attorney information website for all Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cloverdale, Windsor and other Wine Country drunk driving cases. The prevalent dangers of drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have prompted the county road authorities to implement other enforcement activities to curb the rising road accidents besides the state laws on DUI. This is why you need to talk to experienced attorneys for your case.

DUI Roadside Checkpoints

The County law enforcement department initiates roadside checkpoints around the county cities as a sign of deterrent to motorists who might be inclined to drink and drive. Such law enforcement teams would observe and evaluate drivers’ sober conduct in driving on the roads.

Driving licenses and vehicle registrations would be checked for validity while vehicle equipment might be checked to confirm functionality. Roadside checkpoint enforcement officers may hail down motorists to view the public vehicle identification numbers that are usually mounted on vehicle dashboards for easy visibility to confirm the status of motorists and vehicles.

State courts and the DMV may have issued restricted licenses to misdemeanor DUI offenders and such roadside checks confirm the motorists’ compliance with the required restrictions on their driving activities.

Roadside checkpoints are effective in catching potential DUI offenders with alert enforcement officers who are trained to pick up signs and symptoms of intoxication on the motorists. These checkpoints also allow a quick review on vehicle safety, which may impact the driving skills of intoxicated drivers.

The site selection is crucial to the success of roadside checkpoints in Downey where law enforcement officers identify sites that are frequented by DUI offenders. Other sites would be locations which are prone to accidents.

DUI Sobriety Checkpoints

The cities in the county is active in the implementation of DWI sobriety checkpoints to reduce the number of DWI/DUI cases in the cities. Although certain states may rule out such checkpoints as illegal under the constitution of their states, others allow these checkpoints when conducted professionally with minimal intrusion or violation of the motorists’ rights.

Sobriety checkpoints are designed to ensure the safety of all road users while protecting properties from DUI/DWI offenders. The presence of sobriety checkpoints around keeps motorists alert and careful on their sobriety when driving.

These checkpoints are meant to deter impaired driving without imposing unfair authority or restrict motorists’ rights. Defense DWI/DUI lawyers may challenge the application of such checkpoints when their defendants were caught in such environments. Skilled defense attorneys may reduce the drunk driving charges when defendants are arrested or charged through a sobriety checkpoint.

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