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Oakland DUI Defense Lawyer

Oakland DUI Attorney – You Should Make It A Top Priority To Choose An Experienced Local Drunk Driving Law Firm

The right Oakland DUI lawyer goal for your case should be to help you understand your drunk driving charges and provide you with best defense strategies. DUI is a term used to describe Driving Under the Influence and DWI is a term used to describe Driving While Intoxicated. DUID is used to describe Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Residents of East Bay should hire an Oakland DUI Attorney who can assure them a professional representation. The strict laws in California on drunk driving can be quite intimidating to an ordinary consumer without a good legal expert.

DUI Lawyer Practice Area

DUI law firms handle driving while under the influence cases such as:

  • Felony DUI
  • Misdemeanor DUI
  • Hit & Run DUI
  • Under Age DUI
  • First Time DUI
  • Multiple DUI
  • Manslaughter DUI

DUI Penalties

An experienced legal expert should be prepared to handle any type of drunk driving case in East Bay and surrounding areas. Their law firm team should be very familiar with the state law on under the influence of alcohol & drug offenses and the penalties for first offender or multiple offenders. Penalties include:

  • License suspension for first time offenders

  • License revocation for multiple offenders

  • Community service for minor offenders

  • Jail time and heavy fines for serious offenders

  • Installation of tracking and locking device, IID, in offenders’ cars

 DUI law firms also offer:

  • An immediate response to any enquiry or contact on legal assistance

  • No obligation legal consultation on DUI/DWI cases

  • Professional legal services for a court or DMV hearing

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The right law firm should have a strong track record in DUI/DWI cases. DUI offenders can call the right DUI law firm in Oakland for professional legal assistance when they are charged and arrested for drunk driving along the roads of East Bay cities.

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